Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8-28-13 nfdl high school fight song stays

The North Fond du Lac Horace Mann High School fight song will stay.  The North Fond du Lac School Board voted unanimously this week not to change the fight song lyrics.  Superintendent Aaron Sadoff had proposed a change that he said  "edited some of the lyrics to more reflect what the high school and district is all about."   The proposed change would have replaced the words   “we’re out to win, take defeat with a grin and when victory is our goal we’ll fight,”   to “ You can’t hide that Oriole pride, with community on our side we will strive to be victorious.”  But Sadoff says the community and school board had other ideas.  "I'll tell you what, five to nothing the board voted to not change it,"  Sadoff told WFDL news.  "It was great.  The history and the people that came out and represented that don't change that song, it has a lot of meaning."

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