Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8-21-13 fdl county board approves windfarm health study resolution

The Fond du Lac County Board has voted unanimously in favor of a resolution asking the state legislature to approve funding for a study on the potential human health impacts from wind turbines.  Several people who live on an 88 turbine windfarm in the town of Marshfield spoke at last night’s board meeting.  Elizabeth Eberts says she’s happy the county board voted in favor of the resolution.  Eberts told the board the windfarm has negatively affected her health.  James Vollmer told the board he was forced to move from his home.  Jim Miller says there are nights when he gets only an hour of sleep.  Republican state senator Glenn Grothman was in attendance and says there’s no question in his mind the state needs to do something to help.  Grothman told the residents that as chairman of the Assembly Judiciary Committee he plans to schedule a public hearing on a bill that would allow for lawsuits against the utilities who operate the windfarms.

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