Tuesday, August 27, 2013

8-28-13 effort underway to recall two mayville alderpersons

Paperwork has been filed at Mayville City Hall with the intent to circulate recall petitions against two Mayville alderpersons.  City Clerk Deanna Boldrey says residents Mitchell R. McKinnon and Thomas C. Stollenwerk have filed statements of intent to circulate recall petitions for alderpersons Kathleen Sertich and David Pasbrig.   McKinnon and Stollenwerk both say Sertich and Pasbrig violated open meetings laws when they were involved in, “secret negotiations with the Dodge County Sheriff to abolish the Mayville Police Department,” and “involving Tax Incremental District 5.”  In July, representatives from Mayville approached Sheriff Pat Ninmann to provide a cost estimate for the Sheriff’s Department to provide full-time, around-the-clock law enforcement services, if the City abolished its police department.  Involved in the discussion were Sertich and Pasbrig, along with Mayor Jerry Moede and City Comptroller/Treasurer Kathie Wild.  If all of the necessary paperwork is filed, and the process reaches the signature gathering phase, Boldrey says 66 signatures would be needed in Pasbrig’s ward and 109 signatures in Sertich’s ward. But at this point, Boldrey says only the statements of intent to circulate recall petitions have been filed.

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