Friday, November 29, 2013

12-2-13 agnesian healthcare-fdl high school collaborate on health messages

They say – a little reminder now and then can be a good thing. Students walking through the halls of Fond du Lac High School are getting daily reminders about what they can do to adopt a healthier lifestyle thanks to a collaborative effort with Agnesian HealthCare.   Students recently saw the installation of four larger display panels that share friendly messages about living a healthier life – the importance of healthy eating, positive sleeping habits, appropriate amount of exercise, responsible use of computer time and more.   Agnesian HealthCare is working with Ad-ucation Media, LLC, a Hartford-based media company, and Jon Wiltzius, Fond du Lac High School principal, to introduce this effort.  Living a healthier lifestyle is a life-long process that takes an intentional commitment to make good decisions and staying on course. In general, a healthy person refrains from smoking, is at a healthy weight, eats nutritionally and exercises.  In many cases, it is a matter of KNOWing what actions to take and then GOing forward to make them happen. Agnesian HealthCare, through its new Know & Go wellness program, is working to provide the tools and education to help individuals and families achieve better health.   "We know as a healthcare provider that starting to educate individuals at an earlier age helps set up positive habits that can last a lifetime,” according to Holly Brenner, vice president of Strategic Development & Marketing with Agnesian HealthCare. “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Fond du Lac High School to share these messages in a fun way, and hopefully, have some effect on students and visitors.”   For Fond du Lac High School, it complements other initiatives relating to nutrition, health and safety to assist students, staff and parents in maintaining or achieving healthy lifestyles.   “These messages are being noted by our students,” says Wiltzius. “Our students are exposed to numerous messages throughout their day, and we are glad that we can work collaboratively with Agnesian HealthCare to share these positive messages of good health with them. It just adds to our overall goal to equip students with the knowledge they need to grow up happy and healthy.”    Agnesian HealthCare is looking to expand Know & Go messaging at other area high schools, including Winnebago Lutheran Academy and Horace Mann High School.    “Ad-ucation Media, LLC, is excited to partner with Agnesian HealthCare and Fond du Lac schools to promote this truly unique marketing program,” says Bob Jewell, president and founder of Ad-education Media, LLC.   For more information, call Agnesian HealthCare Public Relations at (920) 926-4963.

11-30-13 no call list

Saturday is the deadline to sign up for Wisconsin’s no-call list.  Anyone who signs up by that deadline will receive protections from unwanted telemarketing calls starting January first.  Administrator of the state Division of Consumer Protection Sandy Chalmers says the list is updated four times a year but those who miss Saturday’s deadline won’t be added to the list until April first.  Registrations are good for two years.  The service is available for residential, voice over internet and cell phones. political calls, calls from nonprofit organizations and calls made in response to a written or verbal request or permission are not covered.  The number to sign up is 1-866-966-2255.

11-30-13 health overhaul

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State and federal health care officials are scheduled to discuss implementation of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law during a panel presentation later this month.
Wisconsin Health News has organized the Dec. 10 event in Madison that is scheduled to bring together the government officials as well as others in the health care industry.  Those scheduled to appear at the panel include Kathleen Falk, director of a regional office of the federal Department of Health and Human Services and Kevin Moore, deputy secretary of the state department.  Kevin Hayden, the head of Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin and Therese Pandl, president of the eastern Wisconsin division of Hospital Sisters Health System are also both scheduled to be there.

11-30-13 cyber scams

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Shoppers planning to hit the Internet on Monday looking for deals are being warned to watch out for scammers.  The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says cyber thieves know what the hot gift items are and they target their scams accordingly. That can include fake contests on social media sites, dangerous links, and texts and emails designed to get shoppers to reveal personal information or download malicious software.  Other recommendations to stay safe include making sure a website is legitimate and secure before ordering, install anti-virus software and a firewall, pay for credit card protection and print records of online transactions.

11-30-13 assembly leader backs online court records limits

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The top lawmaker in the Wisconsin Assembly says he favors limiting access to some information in the state's online court records system.  Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says that he thinks cases in which people were acquitted should be removed from the database. The Rochester Republican says legislation is in the works to do that.  Another bill with Republican and Democratic support would remove money judgments from the database eight years after they are paid.  Other bills include Democratic proposals to limit the public's access to information about criminal and civil cases until allegations were proven in court and to expunge information about crimes such as prostitution if the defendants are minors and victims of human trafficking. Those bills' prospects in the Republican-controlled legislature are uncertain.

11-30-13 governor's mansion tours

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — People will get a chance to tour Wisconsin's governor's mansion next month.
Governor Scott Walker has released the 2013 holiday tour schedule for the mansion. They'll run on December 4th, December 5th, December 11th and December 12th from noon to 2 p.m. They'll also run on December 7th and December 14th from 9 a.m. until noon.  The tours are free but visitors are encouraged   to bring non-perishable food items or gently used winter clothing that will be donated to the needy.  Tours will include views of the main rooms on the first floor and a brief description of the decorations, including the mansion's Christmas trees.

11-30-13 no pet presents

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin state veterinarian is encouraging people not to give pets as gifts this holiday season.  Doctor Yvonna Bellay says giving a pet as a gift is a serious commitment and should never be a surprise. She is issuing her warning as shoppers prepare to hit stores in a big way on Friday.  Bellay says even if someone wants a pet, it's better to delay bringing them home until after the chaotic holiday season.  Bellay says another problem is that people often choose species or breeds during the holidays that are a fad. Those pets often end up in animal shelters a few months later.  Bellay suggests giving pet supplies and other material during the holidays, and hold off on the pet itself until January.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

11-28-13 body of missing fdl man found

Fond du Lac police have recovered a body believed to be that of a missing Fond du Lac man.  Assistant police chief Steve Klein tells WFDL news the body was recovered early Thursday morning but would not say where it was found or the circumstances surrounding the discovery.  Klein says investigators believe it’s the body of 37 year old Timothy Nance.   Nance was last seen alive November first and reported missing by his wife four days later.   Police say the believe Nance was a homicide victim.  His wife Eve Nance and her sister Tina Ewell were arrested more than a week ago and are expected to be formally charged next week.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11-28-13 holiday shopping season starts early

Thousands of Fond du lac area residents are getting an early start to the holiday shopping season…with the traditional Black Frday door buster deals actually starting Thursday night.  The Fond du Lac Forest Mall opens its doors at 8pm Thanksgiving and Mall spokesperson Karen Rautsch says the stores are open continuously until 9pm Friday night.  "We don't know what to expect,"  Rausch told AM 1170 WFDL's Between the Lines program.  "We have not opened this early before in the past.  Last year it was midnight and we had the mad rush and all the fun that goes with that.  We don't know exactly what to expect."   Rautsch says many  retailers are hoping the early start will make up for the shorter shopping season this year.

11-28-13 fdl bulky waste site-winter hours

Effective December 2, 2013 the Department of Public Works Bulky Waste Drop Off Site, located at 530 Doty St. begins our Winter operating hours as follows:

Hours of Operation:
Winter Hours (December 1 – March 31)
a)      Monday                    9:00 to 3:15
b)      Tuesday                    Closed
c)      Wednesday              9:00 to 3:15
d)     Thursday                  Closed
e)      Friday                       9:00 to 3:15
f)       Saturday                   Closed

Fee Structure:
There is a charge $20 for a single use of the site.
  1. Cash and checks are accepted at the site using an envelope system similar to that at the city’s boat launch facilities.
  2. No change is available at the site and the office is not open evenings or weekends.
  3. We offer a ten use pass, or punch card, which is transferrable, for $150.
  4. We charge a fee of $400 annually for unlimited visits to the site. The pass sticker for this level is not transferrable between vehicles.
  5. Prior fees of $25 for Freon items, $15 for microwaves and tire fees are still in effect and will be charged in addition to daily use fees.
  6. Credit and debit cards will only be accepted in the Municipal Service Center office during regular office hours.
  7. Single use passes and punch cards will be available at the City Clerk’s office and the Municipal Service Center, but not evenings or weekends.
  8. Season passes will only be available at the Municipal Service Center.
  9. Non-profits and institutional customers are allowed to purchase annual pass stickers.
  10. Contractors are not eligible to use the site.
  11. Construction debris is not accepted at the site.
  12. Daily and ten use passes require proof of residency. Annual passes will require proof of residency or property ownership in the city.
  13. Only metal items for recycling may be dropped off for free. Cardboard and paper for recycling require a daily fee.

11-28-13 holiday traffic

Local law enforcement predicts pretty much steady, high traffic volume on area roadways throughout the holiday weekend.   Fond du lac County Sheriff’s  captain Rick Olig says traffic began to increase the day before Thanksgiving…and he predicts  little let up through the weekend.  Olig says the obvious dangers include speeding, following too close and alcohol.    But Olig says texting while driving can be just as deadly.  "Studies have shown that texting drivers are as much if not worse than intoxicated drivers,"  Olig said.

11-28-13 downtown business owner calls for alternative to retlaw theatre redevelopment

A downtown Fond du Lac business owner is concerned about a proposed redevelopment of the historic Retlaw Theatre building and  wants community feedback  on a proposed alternative.
Commonwealth Development is proposing to tear down the theatre and build an executive hotel on the property.   Ann Kelly owns and operates Wempners’  School of Dance on Sheboygan Street.   Kelly says she is concerned about demolishing the theatre to create parking.  Kelly says in 2001 local business owner Shelly Stayer’s project involved acquiring the Retlaw Theatre and property south of it to create a Children’s Performing Arts Center and a major renovation of the Dance School.  "When it was in full swing I think it was just amazing, I think it was quite the educational situation for the kids that were involved in it,"  Kelly told WFDL news.  "...a lot of life running in and out of that building, a lot of good things happening.  It really had a great start back in 2002 and 2003.  I would love to see it turn back into something along those same lines that she (Stayer) envisioned."    Twelve years later Kelly says she is the only tenant and sole survivor of the project and property.  Kelly says Stayer’s initial plan of bringing dance, drama and music together in one facility and reviving the  theatre is what the community needs.   Kelly has organized a public forum for this Sunday evening to discuss the future of  the property.  The meeting will be held at the dance school starting at 6:30pm Sunday.

11-28-13 health overhaul

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to delay for three months kicking about 72,000 off of Medicaid would actually save the state about $23 million because of the plan's other component — delaying expanding coverage to poor childless adults.  The Legislature's budget committee is slated to take up the proposal on Monday. The Assembly is scheduled to vote on it Wednesday, with the Senate taking it up later in the month.   An analysis of the proposal by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released Tuesday shows the estimated savings.  Health advocacy groups have been calling on Walker not to delay until April allowing an estimated 83,000 childless adults to enroll in the state's BadgerCare Medicaid program. Current law allows them into the program starting in January.

11-28-13 hopper wins on appeal

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Former state Sen. Randy Hopper has won a case in state appeals court related to his 2011 arrest for drunken driving.  The 2nd District Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld the Fond du Lac Circuit Court's ruling dismissing a charge against Hopper, a Republican who argued his arrest was politically motivated.  Hopper was elected in 2008 but recalled from office in 2011. The arrest came two months after the recall.  A jury found him not guilty of drunken driving. He was also charged with refusing to take an alcohol breath test, but that was dismissed.  Fond du Lac County appealed the dismissal of that charge, but the appeals court upheld the decision, saying the county failed to make its arguments as required before the trial court.

11-28-13 fdl police-knockout game

Fond du Lac police say reports of a so-called knock-out game where people are randomly attacked by young people is not something they’re familiar with.  Reports have surfaced on the Internet of a game where a group of young people attack someone walking along a sidewalk attempting to knock them out with a single punch.  Fond du lac assistant police chief Steve Thiry says he hadn’t even heard of this phenomenon until doing some research.  "I did a little research on it yesterday and I've seen some of the articles, including some saying this is an urban myth,"  Thiry told WFDL news.  Thiry says while there are bar fights in Fond du Lac that occasionally spill out onto the street …nothing to the extent of a premeditated attack game.

11-28-13 knockout game-wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Republican state lawmaker says he is considering introducing a bill targeting the violent "knockout game" in which youths sucker-punch innocent bystanders for kicks.  Rep. Dean Kaufert, of Neenah, says in a statement released Wednesday that he is exploring possible legislation to create penalty enhancers and increase consequences for anyone who commits such an attack in Wisconsin.  At least two deaths have been linked to the game nationwide this year and police around the country have seen a recent spike in similar attacks. A New York state lawmaker has introduced a bill there treating juvenile offenders like adults and raising penalties.  Kaufert is also calling on Wisconsin state prosecutors and police to vigorously and swiftly prosecute any attacks in the state.

11-28-13 wi man arrested for threatening president

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Federal agents have arrested a Wisconsin man after he allegedly threatened to shoot President Barack Obama.  According to court records, the man stated during a visit to the Richland Center post office on Oct. 15 that, quote, "if President Obama was here I would shoot him right there and kill him right now."  U.S. Secret Service agents interviewed the man the next day. They said he refused to recant his threat, repeated it in different words and made a number of other threats against Obama. They also said further investigation revealed he had recently lost his wife and is displacing his grief with anger toward individuals the Secret Service protects.  Court records indicate the man was arrested Friday. 

11-28-13 local unemployment rates down

Unemployment rates have dropped in all but one metro area in Wisconsin and 55 of the state’s 72 counties.  The October unemployment rate in the city of Fond du Lac stands at 6.6 percent…down from 6.7 percent in September.  The Fond du Lac County rate fell from 5.6 percent to 5.2 percent in September.  In Dodge County the jobless rate dropped from 6.3 to six percent.

11-27-13 judge denies writ of habeas corpus petiton for suspects in missing person case

A Fond du lac judge has denied a writ of habeas corpus petition for two Fond du Lac women arrested last week in connection with the disappearance of a Fond du lac man.  The decision by judge Richard Nuss means that Eve Nance and her sister Tina Ewell will remain in the Fond du lac County Jail until they are formally charged.  That is expected to happen by the middle of next week.
Police have referred charges of hiding a corpse and obstructing against the women.  Nance’s husband Timothy Nance has been missing since November first and police believe he is the victim of a homicide and that Eve Nance and Ewell are responsible.  At a hearing Wednesday Public defender Mary Wolfe told the court that  “police are on a fishing expedition, making the arrests while they gather evidence to develop probable cause.”    But assistant district attorney Dennis Krueger told the court the suspects have made false statements to investigators and “tried to cover their tracks.”     Judge Nuss said he doesn’t believe the women’s constitutional rights have been compromised.    The judge set cash bail at $100,000 for Nance and $50,000 for Ewell. 



Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11-27-13 fdl man charged with reckless homicide

A second person has been charged  in the heroin overdose death of a Fond du Lac County man.  Jason Van Norman of Fond du lac made his initial court  appearance Tuesday on reckless homicide charges.  Van Norman and Joshua Mulder of Waupun are accused of supplying the heroin that led to the death of town of Springvale resident Devin Perry last October.  District Attorney Eric Toney says it’s another tragic heroin overdose death in the county.  Bail was set at $500,000 cash.  A preliminary hearing is set for December 6th.

11-27-13 safe holiday travel

Local law enforcement will be out in force this holiday weekend.  State patrol captain Nick Scorcio says traffic will be busiest  Wednesday afternoon and evening and again Sunday afternoon.  Scorcio says make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to your final destination.

11-27-13 keep the wreaths red

The Fond du Lac Fire Department is reminding residents to think safety when stringing lights for the holiday season.  The Department will take part in the “Keep The Wreaths Red” fire prevention program aimed at heightening public awareness about preventable home fires around the holidays.
Fire prevention specialist Troy Haase says from Thanksgiving through the New Year, a wreath will be hung at all three fire stations. and will be illuminated by a string of red lights. Whenever a fire occurs in Fond du Lac that is a result of holiday decorations, a white bulb will replace a red bulb on the  wreath.

11-27-13 dept. of tourism snow conditions

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Snow condition reports at ski areas across Wisconsin are now being updated on the state's tourism website. The ski areas are busy making snow and preparing to open in the coming weeks. The report available on lists conditions for both downhill and cross-country skiing as well as snowmobile trails.

11-27-13 conservatives urge governor to reject common core

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Dozens of conservatives and leaders of tea party groups from across Wisconsin are urging Gov. Scott Walker to "be the hero" and "boldly" reject Common Core education standards. The letter delivered to Walker comes after Assembly Republicans who studied the standards indicated they were not interested in abandoning them. The voluntary standards cover English and math instruction and were adopted in Wisconsin three years ago.

11-27-13 clergy sex abuse

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Clergy sexual abuse victims in Wisconsin and priests who support them are asking Roman Catholic officials to remove more than $50 million from a cemetery trust fund and make it available to settle bankruptcy claims against the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. The group has sent a letter to the Vatican office that oversees abuse cases, asking it to undo an order that authorized New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan to create the trust fund when he was archbishop in Milwaukee. The archdiocese faces claims from hundreds of sexual abuse victims in federal bankruptcy court.

11-27-13 word wagons

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Nearly 50 years ago University of Wisconsin students and researchers set out in "word wagons" to record the different ways people across America talked. Now, work to update the Dictionary of American Regional English will be done in front of computers, reading online survey results. The new online surveys designed to track changes over the past 50 years went live on yesterday and will be open for people to fill out for the next six to nine months.

11-26-13 lomira school building referendum

Lomira school district residents will decide a multi-million dollar building project in a February referendum.  The February 18th referendum asks voters for permission to borrow $24 million for new construction and remodeling including  new science and computer labs and relocating the football field to the east side of the school.  The owner of a $150,000 home would see an increase of approximately $262 on their property tax bill.   The first of four community forums on the proposal is set for December 3rd at the Brownsville Community Center.

Monday, November 25, 2013

11-26-13 mayville engineering expansion

Good news on the area labor front.  Mayville Engineering has announced  plans for a multi million dollar expansion plan that will add 100 new jobs.   Mayville Engineering says it is adding robotic welding, machining and other manufacturing equipment early next year to keep up with a large increase in orders from customers in the agricultural, construction, power sports and mining markets.  The company will host a job fair at its Mayville headquarters on Saturday December 7th.   Most of the new jobs will be added in Mayville, with others in Beaver Dam and Wautoma.

11-26-13 deer hunt-schaller

The Chief warden for the state DNR says the early indication is a new statewide rule allowing rifles during the gun deer hunt is working well.   Todd Schaller says there were no rifle-related hunting incidents reported statewide during the opening weekend.  "We haven't heard much and I guess no word is a good sign,"   Schaller told AM 1170 WFDL's Between the Lines program.  "I think hunters are used to change and probably reached out to those local municipalities to understand what their regulations were going to be in the area they hunted.  None of our hunting incidents thus far were impacted by that change."    Schaller says there were no firearm-related fatalities during the opening weekend.  He says there were six hunting-related incidents statewide or injuries.  "Thankfully all of them were relatively minor, no serious injuries.  Four of the six were self-inflicted,"  Schaller said.   Schaller says the cold, windy weather may be a factor in the slow start to the deer hunt.

11-26-13 deer hunt-numbers down

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Hunters killed nearly 110,800 deer during the opening weekend of the state's nine-day gun season. State wildlife officials say that's down about 18 percent from last year's opening two days. The 2013 buck harvest was down 25 percent and the antlerless harvest was down 9 percent. Department of Natural Resources officials say cold weather likely drove many hunters out of the woods early.

11-26-13 walker-deer hunt

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker went hunting in Washington County on Monday, but a spokesman says he didn't get a deer. Walker spokesman Tom Evenson says the governor started out before sunrise. Shortly before noon Walker posted a tweet saying, quote, "Wow is it cold out. The deer must think the same thing as I haven't seen a thing." The tweet included a photograph of the governor standing in front of a tree in a blaze orange coat, cap and face mask.

11-26-13 fox lake garage fire

Firefighters battled a garage fire early Sunday morning in Fox Lake.  Fire Chief Bill Frank says at about 4:15 a.m., the Fox Lake Fire Department was dispatched to N10542 Howard Avenue, which is owned by Tim Dugan of Shorewood.  Frank says the rear wall of the single car garage was fully engulfed in flames, and the fire was under control within minutes. There were no injuries.  The building had severe damage to the rear wall and roof rafters, but most of the major contents of the garage, including a boat, lawn tractor, and motor scooter were saved.  Frank says the cause of the fire appears to be electrical.  Fox Lake was assisted by the Randolph Fire Department, Alliant Energy and the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department.

11-26-13 man arrested for theft of aluminum boat pier sections in green lake county

One person is arrested and another is sought in connection with thefts of aluminum lake pier sections from Big Green Lake.  Chief Deputy Sheriff Mark Putzke says during late October 2013 property owners along Big Green reported the thefts - in all totaling about $60,000.  Police received a recent break in the case after a citizen reported suspicious activity on the West End of Big Green Lake.  The individual reported seeing a vehicle, two male subjects in the area and a partial license plate number.  On Wednesday, November 20th, Putzke says a deputy spotted the reported vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.  The driver, 26-year-old Dustin Kono of Green Lake, was subsequently arrested for traffic and drug violations.  Putzke says a search of the vehicle turned up pier assembly hardware and receipts for scrap metal.  Kono later admitted to the thefts and named a second suspect, 29-year-old Adam Baggett of Princeton.  Kono is charged in Green Lake County Circuit Court with felony theft and an arrest warrant has been issued for Baggett.  Putzke says many of the piers were located at a Fond du Lac County scrap yard.  Citizens are reminded to chain up or make any metal they have difficult to remove as Putzke says scrap metal thefts continue to be a problem in the county and region.

11-26-13 two chicago men arrested in fdl for theft of catalytic converters

Two suspects  in a rash of catalytic converter thefts from vehicles at shopping malls in the Fox Valley have been arrested in Fond du Lac.  Assistant Police chief Steve Klein says Fond du Lac police were notified Saturday by Naperville, Illinois law enforcement and Grand Chute police to be on the lookout for the men, both from the Chicago area.  Klein says the suspect’s vehicle was spotted near the Forest Mall.  The driver was arrested and a passenger was arrested following a short foot chase.
Klein says the men, ages 25 and 29 both have ties to gangs.   He says the  stolen catalytic converters are sold as a scrap metal.

11-26-13 fdl women expected to make initial court appearance this week in case of missing fdl man

Two Fond du Lac women arrested in connection with the disappearance of  a Fond du lac man are expected to make their initial court appearance this week.  Eve Nance and Tina Ewell both face charges of obstructing and hiding a corpse.  Nance is the wife of Timothy Nance who went missing November first and hasn’t been seen since.  Fond du lac Assistzant Police Chief Steve Klein says investigators believe Nance is a homicide victim.  "The investigation is ongoing, investigators were working throughout the weekend,"  Klein told WFDL news.  Klein says police are still asking the public’s help in finding Nance.  "We were hoping to receive a call that Mr. Nance's body was recovered, that has not taken place yet,"  Klein said.  "His whereabouts are still unknown."

11-26-13 new charges filed against man accused of causing a lockdown at children's hospital

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A man accused of causing a lockdown at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in suburban Milwaukee is facing a new charge of felony child abuse. Authorities say Ashanti Hendricks either dropped or threw the baby he was holding when police officers approached him in the hospital's neonatal unit on Nov. 14. The child suffered a skull fracture. The Journal Sentinel reports the 22-year-old defendant has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

11-25-13 several accidents on snow-covered roads in fdl county monday

A dusting of snow in the Fond du Lac area contributed to several mostly minor accidents on roadways in Fond du lac County Monday morning.  Fond du lac County Sheriff’s captain Rick Olig says rescue personnel responded to at least a dozen accidents on Highway 41…including a rollover near Highway 23.  The National Weather Service says portions of Fond du lac and Dodge counties
received about an inch of snow this morning.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

11-25-13 injury accident

On Sunday, November 24, 2013, at approximately 9:58 am, the Fond du Lac County Communications Center received a report of a multiple vehicle crash with injuries on STH 23 in the area of CTH W, in the Town of Forest.   The crash occurred as a westbound passenger vehicle, operated by an 18 year old St. Cloud woman, was struck from behind by a westbound SUV vehicle, operated by a 29 year old Plymouth woman, as it waited to make a left hand turn from STH 23 into St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.  This impact caused the passenger vehicle to be pushed into the path of an eastbound passenger vehicle, operated by a 67 year old Fond du Lac woman, which could not avoid the collision.     All 6 persons from the vehicles involved did receive injuries which were believed to be non-life threatening at the time.  The ages of the injured ranged from 12 years of age to 67 years of age.  A 12 year old female was flown from the scene to Milwaukee Children’s Hospital.  A 44 year old female was flown from St. Agnes Hospital to Froedert Hospital.  All others were transported to St. Agnes Hospital.   Mt. Calvary Fire Department and Ambulance, City of Fond du Lac Ambulance, Plymouth Ambulance, Theda Star Helicopter, and Wisconsin State Patrol all responded to the scene along with the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office.  The crash remains under investigation by the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office.  Alcohol and speed are not considered factors in the crash.


11-25-13 deer hunt-opening weekend

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin deer hunters had to deal with chill and wind for the opening day of the state's nine-day gun deer season.  Tom Hauge, wildlife management director for the Department of Natural Resources, says even his blind in Sauk County didn't offer much shelter Saturday for the predawn cold and winds.  According to the National Weather Service, highs across Wisconsin were only expected in the teens and 20s Saturday and Sunday.  According to the DNR, nearly 616,000 gun deer licenses were sold for 2013, up a little less than 1 percent from 2012.  DNR hunting and shooting sport coordinator Keith Warnke says the number of female hunters aged 10 to 30 increased by 10 percent this year.

11-25-13 break in beck case?

Are Fond du Lac County sheriff’s investigators a step closer to filing charges in a cold case homicide?    More than two decades have passed since 18 year old Berit Beck disappeared while driving from Sturdevant to Appleton.  Her van was found in the Fond du Lac Plaza parking lot and her body was found about a month later in a roadside ditch near Waupun.  Now WFDL news has learned that investigators may have gotten the break they have been looking for.   WFDL news has been told that investigators have talked with a former area resident who claims to have seen the body.   According to the source the witness was a friend of a former West Bend man who has long been considered a prime suspect in the case.   The witness reportedly told investigators that the suspect called him asking for help in disposing of the body.  The source says the witness, who now lives in Texas,  told investigators he saw Beck’s naked body in the back of the van.  Sheriff’s detectives say they can’t comment on the case…but say the investigation is continuing.  Sheriff’s Lieutenant Cameron McGee told WFDL news s its an open investigation, that nothing is imminent in terms of an arrest or charges and that he cannot comment any further.

11-25-13 bundle up campaign

The Fond du Lac Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is helping local residents bundle up this winter season.  Bureau spokesperson Lisa Pauley says residents are invited to donate gently used winter clothing  that will be in turn donated to the Solutions Center.  Pauley says last year’s campaign collected more than 17,000 winter items.  Items can be dropped off at the convention and visitors bureau through January 3rd.

11-25-13 fdl area united way

The Fond du Lac Area United Way fund drive has topped the halfway mark.  After week ten the fund drive is at 56 percent of the $740,000 goal or $416,000.

11-25-13 clergy-tax free housing

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A federal judge has struck down a law that gives clergy tax-free housing allowances.  The decision could have far-reaching financial ramifications for pastors, who currently don't pay income taxes on compensation that is designated part of a housing allowance.  In her Friday decision, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb wrote the exemption: "provides a benefit to religious persons and no one else, even though doing so is not necessary to alleviate a special burden on religious exercise."  The Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation filed the lawsuit against U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and acting IRS commissioner Daniel Werfel. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

11-25-13 cardinal skippers at macy's thanksgiving day parade

When the 87th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade steps off on November 28 in New York City, over 200 jump rope athletes from across the country will participate including two Fond du Lac students.  Fond du Lac High School junior Allison Duley,  and Margaret Krolcyzk, a Theisen  Middle School eighth grader from the Cardinal Skippers are part of the group.   Organized by the Heartbeats Jump Rope Team in Cleveland,   Ohio, the group will appear under the acronym J.U.M.P. (Jumpers United for Macy’s Parade).   Starting from Central Park, the athletes will be jumping the entire 2.5 mile course that winds through New York City in front of a spectator crowd that is usually over 3.5 million people. After arriving at Herald Square, the group will be featured in a live one-minute segment broadcast on NBC national television with an estimated 50 million viewers. This choreographed TV routine will include Duley and Krolcyzk.  Athletes were invited from jump rope teams across the country to join the ensemble, each paying their own way to New York City.


11-25-13 fdl woman bound over for trial in theft case

A Fond du Lac woman accused of stealing money at a bingo Hall has been bound over for trial.
Sixty one year old Donna Shady was in Fond du Lac County Circuit Court for a preliminary hearing.
She pleaded not guilty to stealing nearly $3000 from Brothertown Nation while working as a volunteer at its Winnebago Drive bingo hall.  According to a criminal complaint Shady used a Brothertown Nation debit card to purchase food and other items last December and January.

11-23-13 waupun man charged in gun incident

A Waupun man has been arrested after pointing a gun at a police officer.  Forty  six year old Jeff Graff is charged with possession of a firearm while intoxicated and disorderly conduct.   Graff is free on a signature bond and a plea and sentencing hearing is scheduled for January 6th.   According to a criminal complaint police responded to Graff’s residence to check on the welfare of another man in the house.  A police officer says Graff was highly intoxicated, sitting on a bed facing the doorway when he pointed a gun at the officer.  The officer repeatedly asked Graff to drop the gun and Graf eventually placed the loaded weapon on the kitchen table.  Graff told police he had had gotten into a heated wrestling match with  his roommate over paying bills and rent.

11-23-13 deer hunt forecast

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin wildlife officials are predicting deer hunters will face some tough conditions when they take to the woods Saturday for the start of the state's nine-day gun season.
Kevin Wallenfang is the Department of Natural Resources' big game ecologist. He says the opener is scheduled later this year, which could mean reduced rutting activity.  He says many areas are fairly wet, which could limit hunter access. And he says that thanks to the late spring and wet conditions about 40 percent of the state's corn crop is still standing, which will provide cover for deer.  Plus, he says, bow hunters haven't been reporting many deer in northern areas, mostly because many animals didn't survive the unusually long winter.

11-23-13 thanksgiving holiday garbage pickup

Thanksgiving Day is Thursday November 28 is and a holiday for the City of Fond du Lac Department of Public Works. Refuse and recycling normally collected on Thursday will be collected on Wednesday November 27, one day early along with the regular collection of Wednesday’s refuse and recycling.  This year, due to a change in the City’s holiday schedule, Friday November 29 is also a holiday.   Refuse normally collected on Friday will be collected on Monday December 2, along with the regular collection of Monday’s refuse.  Recycling for Friday, November 29 will be collected on the regular day, Friday. This is a clarification of an earlier announcement and we apologize for any inconvenience.   Please have your materials set out by 5:00 AM, as extra trucks will be out and normal collection times will change.


11-23-13 city of fdl thanksgiving holiday hours

City offices in the City/County Government Center will be closed on November 28th and 29th in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.   There will be no refuse or recycling collection on Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving.
The Municipal Service Center will also be closed on November 28th and 29th for all services, including refuse and recycling collection and bulky waste drop off. Refuse and recycling normally collected on Thursday will be collected on Wednesday, November 27th, one day early, along with the normal Wednesday collection. Refuse normally collected on Friday will be collected on Monday, December 2nd, along with the regular Monday collection. Please have your materials set out by 5:00 am to accommodate the additional collections on these dates. Yard waste and brush may still be dropped off during the holiday hours.  
-The Senior Center will also be closed November 28th and 29th.
-City Transit Buses will not operate on November 28th or 29th, but will resume regular routes on December 2nd.
-The Fond du Lac Public Library will be closed on November 28th, but will resume normal hours on November 29th.
-Police and Fire Departments will be fully operational throughout the holiday period.

11-23-13 empty bowls fundraiser

It’s time for soup!  The chilly weather seems to be asking for it and a look at the calendar tells us that soup is certainly in the forecast.  And on Wednesday, December 4th the Fond du Lac community will be in luck as the 2013 Empty Bowls Fundraiser will be taking place – for all to attend and enjoy!  The event benefits local food pantries and people in Fond du Lac that deal with hunger.  One of the many best parts of this event is that there is almost an endless amount of choices of soup – thanks to the generous businesses making and donating delicious selections for the event. And you can try them all!  Boda’s Restaurant and Catering, Fat Joe’s Bar & Grill, Red Cabin at Green Acres, Salty’s Seafood & Spirits, Sunset on the Water Grill & Bar, Trepanier’s Backyard Grill & Bar are all generously donating delicious soups, ensuring that the bowls are filled with delectable cuisine.  

Attendees to this year’s Empty Bowls Fundraiser will be able to sample six soups:

  • Chicken noodle soup made by Boda’s Restaurant and Catering.
  • Chicken and dumpling soup made by Fat Joe’s Bar & Grill.
  • Sweet carrot soup made by Red Cabin at Green Acres. 
  • Beef vegetable soup made by Sunset on the Water Grill & Bar.
  • Cheesy seafood soup made by Salty’s Seafood & Spirits.
  • Chili made by Trepanier’s Backyard Grill & Bar.
Past attendance anticipates that over 400 people will attend this year’s Empty Bowls fundraiser on December 4 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Retlaw Plaza Hotel – 1 North Main Street in Fond du Lac.  Tickets for the luncheon are $15.00, which includes a hearty lunch of soups, dessert, breads, milk and coffee.  Additional food items have been donated by Aramark, Baker’s Pride, Bob and Bonnie’s Donuts & Cakes, Festival Foods, Lake Breeze Dairy, Linstrom’s Catering and Schreiner’s Restaurant.   Tickets are available at the Association of Commerce prior to the event and can be purchased at the door on the day of the event. Reservations can be made for six or more individuals (pre-payment required); to do so or for more information call (920) 921-9500.  For ticket information contact the Fond du Lac Area Association of Commerce at (920) 921-9500.  Presenting sponsors for the 2013 Empty Bowls fundraiser are Associated Bank and Consultants Laboratory of Wisconsin.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

11-22-13 competency evaluation ordered for Waupun bomb scare suspect

A judge has ordered a competency evaluation for a Markesan man accused of making several bomb threats in Waupun and the surrounding area.  A competency hearing for 31 year old Aaron Schreiber is scheduled for January 8th.  Schreiber is charged with 41 felony counts including making a bomb scare,  bail jumping and a child sex offender working with children.  Schreiber appeared in Dodge County Circuit Court Thursday for his preliminary hearing.  Judge Steven Bauer ordered the evaluation before proceeding with the case.  Schreiber is accused of phoning in bomb scares to businesses, a library and hospital in Waupun and businesses in Beaver Dam, Fox Lake and Ripon. He is also accused of officiating basketball games in Waupun, Beaver Dam and Mayville even though he is a convicted  child sex offender.

11-22-13 fdl homicide investigation

Two women have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a Fond du Lac man including the man’s wife.   Fond du Lac police say investigators believe that 37 year old Timothy Nance is a victim of foul play.  Nance’s wife, 37 year old Eve Nance and her sister, 33 year old Tina Ewell, are being held in the Fond du Lac County Jail facing charges of resisting-obstructing and hiding a corpse.   The Fond du Lac County District Attorney says he is not sure when the pair will make their initial court appearances.   Nance was reported missing by his wife November 5th,  four days after he  was last seen during the early evening hours of Friday November first in Fond du Lac.
 Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says police became more concerned as each day went by without any information on Nance’s whereabouts.   "At this point we do not believe he is alive,"  Klein told WFDL news.  Klein says police are asking for the public's help in finding Nance.  "We do have the deer hunting season starting this weekend.  What we're asking is that if hunters,  while they're out in the woods, walking through fields, if they do see anything suspicious, anything that could be related to this case we would want them to call local law enforcement,"  Klein said.    Klein says no additional arrests are anticipated, but the charges could be amended if and when a body is found.

11-22-13 thanksgiving travel

The AAA is predicting a slight decline in the number of Thanksgiving holiday travelers this year.
State Triple A spokesperson Pam Moen says 43.4 million Americans are expected to journey 50 miles or more from home, 873,000 people are expected to travel in Wisconsin…down 1.5 percent from a year ago.  Moen says peak travel times will be the day before Thanksgiving and Sunday.  Moen says the good news is that gasoline prices are down significantly.  Moen says at this point indication are that gas prices will continue to fall closer to $3 a gallon by the end of the year.

11-22-13 flu season early

State and local health officials say the flu season is starting earlier than usual in Wisconsin.  Fifteen people have been hospitalized so far across the state. About half are in Milwaukee County. Twenty-five flu cases have been confirmed statewide.  Fond du lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says there has only been one flu cases confirmed locally.  Mueller says there's plenty of flu vaccine available.  Last year's flu season peaked in late December and was the earliest in nearly a decade. Usually, the flu season doesn't peak until late January or early February.  No flu-related hospitalizations were reported in Wisconsin before January during the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

11-22-13 walker-book

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Governor Scott Walker continues to use the release of his book "Unintimidated" to tout the leadership of governors as the future of the Republican Party and outline a platform that could be testing the waters for a 2016 presidential run. Walker hit on all those themes today at an event before a friendly crowd at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C.

11-22-13 wisconsin-jobs

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin added nearly 24,000 private sector jobs in the 12 months between June 2012 and June 2013. The Wisconsin Development of Workforce Development reports the state grew 23,968 private sector jobs over that period. The numbers have been submitted to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which will release the verified totals for all 50 states on December 18th.

11-22-13 fatal road rage

TWO RIVERS, Wis. (AP) — A Manitowoc man suspected in a fatal road rage incident has been banned from driving and having any contact with the survivors of the crash.  The orders are conditions of bail, which Shawn Lischka posted Wednesday night before he was released from the Manitowoc County Jail. Nineteen-year-old Eric Neuman of Two Rivers died Tuesday night when the pickup he was driving crashed into a guardrail and crashed. Neuman was thrown from the truck. Three others in his vehicle survived.  Authorities have accused the 22-year-old Lischka of side-swiping Neuman's truck in a road rage incident.
HTR Media reports Manitowoc County Coroner Curtis Green says Neuman died of major neck and chest injuries. Green says preliminary tests show drugs and alcohol were factors in the crash.

11-22-13 packers butler-irs

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Federal tax investigators are looking into former Green Bay Packer LeRoy Butler's charity work.  Gannett Wisconsin Media reports the IRS is probing why Butler has been raising money in Wisconsin over the last decade but has made only one annual filing with the agency.  The LeRoy Butler Foundation hasn't filed with the IRS since 2002, even though he continued raising money under that name through this year.  A second charity, the LeRoy Butler Scholarship Fund, was founded in 2009 but had its tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS after failing to file returns by 2012. The only return on file from Butler since 2002 is a short-form 2011 filing for the scholarship fund submitted after the revocation.
Gannett Wisconsin Media reports Butler didn't respond to an email inquiry.

11-22-13 wisconsin unions

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Unions representing prison guards and state teachers have failed to muster enough member votes to remain certified.  Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining restrictions require public employee unions to hold annual votes to see if members want the organizations to continue to represent them. A Madison judge has invalidated the requirements as they apply to local public unions but state employee unions still held elections.  Those contests began on Nov. 1 and ended at noon on Thursday. The Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission released data Thursday afternoon showing a union representing about 7,000 correctional officers and a union representing about 665 teachers who work in state institutions such as prisons both fell short of the 51 percent majority needed to remain certified.
The unions have eight days to challenge the results.

11-22-13 nobody injured in quad graphics fire

Nobody was injured in a fire at Quad Graphics in Lomira.  Dodge County Sheriff Pat Ninmann says rescue personnel were called to the scene shortly before noon Thursday to  a report of an explosion in the plant.  "It didn't appear to be an actual explosion, Ninmann told WFDL news.  "What happened was a forklift was in the baler room and caught some recyclable paper on fire.  There was some propane that gave off the sound of an explosion."   Ninmann says the plant was evacuated and damage to the plant was minimal.

11-22-13 nfdl man involved in train vs pickup accident dies from injuries

A  North Fond du lac man involved in a train vs pickup truck  accident in Fond du Lac County this month has died from his injuries.  Authorities say 63 year old Timothy Morris died Wednesday at Theda Clark Regional Medical Center in Neenah.   Investigators say Morris failed to stop at a stop sign before his pickup truck was struck  by  the train.  Sheriff’s captain Rick Olig says prior to the crash Morris had stopped at  a residence a couple hundred feet from the crossing.  Olig says investigators still don’t know why Morris failed to stop at the tracks or if he realized a train was approaching the crossing and now will probably never know.

11-21-13 missing fdl man's wife arrested

WFDL news has learned that two women have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a Fond du Lac man including the man’s wife.   Fond du Lac police say investigators believe that 37 year old  Timothy Nance is a victim of foul play.  Nance’s wife, 37 year old Eve Nance and 33 year old Tina Ewell are being held in the Fond du Lac County Jail facing charges of resisting-obstructing and hiding a corpse.   The Fond du Lac County District Attorney says he is not sure when the pair will make their initial court appearances.  Nance was reported missing by his wife November 5th,  four days after he  was last seen during the early evening hours of Friday November first in Fond du Lac.
 Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says while he can't get into specifics of the investigation he says police no longer believe that Nance is alive.   Klein says no additional arrests are expected.




Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11-21-13 great american smoke-out

The American Cancer Society is marking the 38th Annual Great American Smokeout by encouraging smokers to use the date to make a plan to quit. The good news about quitting smoking is that it is beneficial to health at any age and there are more resources than ever before to help you quit.  Below are the basic tips for battling nicotine addiction and increasing your chances of success:

  • Contact your health care professional to find out if medication is appropriate to use and what kind of medication.  Counseling and combing one of the 7 FDA approved cessation mediations are more effective than counseling or medication alone
  • Pick your quit date
  • Tell your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about your quit day so they can support you and help you through the bumps
  • Remove all tobacco from the house, car, and work desk
  • Identify triggers such as: having your first cigarette waking up in the morning, reading, watching TV, and drinking coffee.
  • Prepare for your triggers and identify substitutes to avoid grabbing for a cigarette or smokeless tobacco
  • Celebrate your success by spending the cash you saved from quitting on something fun

For Quit resources visit the following sites: WI Quit Line at or “Quit for Life” Facebook page that offers great on-line social support; for smokeless tobacco visit

Not Ready to Quit?

Eliminate Indoor Tobacco Smoke Until You Quit

According to the Surgeon General’s 2007 report “The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Secondhand Smoke” children age 3-11 years have cotinine levels (a biological marker for tobacco smoke exposure) more than twice as high as adults. Infants are more susceptible to these toxic particulates because they are smaller and have a faster breathing rate, which means they are exposed to higher concentrations than older children. If you are not ready to quit, you can help children stay healthy by eliminating exposure to tobacco smoke by:
   ·         Establishing a completely smoke-free home, it’s the most effective way to protect children from exposure to tobacco smoke.  
   ·         Opening a window or limiting smoking to a certain room are not effective measures, as the tobacco smoke is still circulated throughout the air in the home
   ·         Making vehicles smoke-free is also important because tobacco smoke in vehicles can reach high concentration levels

When you are ready, make the call, ask for help, until then cut down, remove triggers by not smoking in your house or your car and remove the tobacco smoke for the health of everyone.  It sometimes takes a person multiple tries to quit smoking. Don’t give up. You can increase your chance of success by using both counseling and medication together and asking for support from family, friends, and co-workers.