Friday, November 29, 2013

12-2-13 agnesian healthcare-fdl high school collaborate on health messages

They say – a little reminder now and then can be a good thing. Students walking through the halls of Fond du Lac High School are getting daily reminders about what they can do to adopt a healthier lifestyle thanks to a collaborative effort with Agnesian HealthCare.   Students recently saw the installation of four larger display panels that share friendly messages about living a healthier life – the importance of healthy eating, positive sleeping habits, appropriate amount of exercise, responsible use of computer time and more.   Agnesian HealthCare is working with Ad-ucation Media, LLC, a Hartford-based media company, and Jon Wiltzius, Fond du Lac High School principal, to introduce this effort.  Living a healthier lifestyle is a life-long process that takes an intentional commitment to make good decisions and staying on course. In general, a healthy person refrains from smoking, is at a healthy weight, eats nutritionally and exercises.  In many cases, it is a matter of KNOWing what actions to take and then GOing forward to make them happen. Agnesian HealthCare, through its new Know & Go wellness program, is working to provide the tools and education to help individuals and families achieve better health.   "We know as a healthcare provider that starting to educate individuals at an earlier age helps set up positive habits that can last a lifetime,” according to Holly Brenner, vice president of Strategic Development & Marketing with Agnesian HealthCare. “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Fond du Lac High School to share these messages in a fun way, and hopefully, have some effect on students and visitors.”   For Fond du Lac High School, it complements other initiatives relating to nutrition, health and safety to assist students, staff and parents in maintaining or achieving healthy lifestyles.   “These messages are being noted by our students,” says Wiltzius. “Our students are exposed to numerous messages throughout their day, and we are glad that we can work collaboratively with Agnesian HealthCare to share these positive messages of good health with them. It just adds to our overall goal to equip students with the knowledge they need to grow up happy and healthy.”    Agnesian HealthCare is looking to expand Know & Go messaging at other area high schools, including Winnebago Lutheran Academy and Horace Mann High School.    “Ad-ucation Media, LLC, is excited to partner with Agnesian HealthCare and Fond du Lac schools to promote this truly unique marketing program,” says Bob Jewell, president and founder of Ad-education Media, LLC.   For more information, call Agnesian HealthCare Public Relations at (920) 926-4963.

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