Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10-31-13 fdl school superintendent says recent incidents at fdl high school are "rare"

The Fond du lac School superintendent says Fond du lac High School is a safe environment for kids and says a couple of recent incidents at the school are isolated incidents.    For the first time in school history a Fond du lac police officer had to use a taser on a combative student at the school,  and last week a 17 year old student was charged in Fond du lac County Circuit Court after
allegedly striking a female student at the school causing her to lose consciousness.  "In any school regardless of size you have challenges from time to time,"  Superintendent Jim Sebert told WFDL news.  "Those are a couple of challenges that you mentioned that we've had recently.  That doesn't detract from all the great things that are going on at Fond du Lac High School."   Sebert says he supports the police department’s efforts to keep students and staff safe, including for the first time deploying a taser on a student  who attacked an officer at the school last month.   Sebert says the high school is a very safe environment.  "You don't let situations such as the ones we're talking about define the overall school or define the overall district,"  Sebert said.  "They are bumps we need to address, we need to learn from them, we need to use them to teach us and to help us to prevent them in the future.  But then we also have to celebrate all the great things that go on on a daily basis not only at Fond du Lac High School but throughout the Fond du Lac School District."

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