Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10-24-13 fdl council approves five year cip

The Fond du lac city council  has approved a five year Fond du Lac capital improvement plan.  The plan  includes upgrades In technology, continued industrial park development and a major squad replacement program for the police department.  City manager Joe Moore says money is earmarked in the first year of the CIP for government center improvements and financial software system upgrades.  $1.6 million is proposed for Industrial Park Development Tax Incremental District 10 near the Highway 151 Bypass and Highway 41.  Moore says a smaller expenditure would involve installing community information signs for visitors.  Other areas target public safety…and a new library air conditioning system.  The CIP also outlines plans in 2014 for street and sidewalk maintenance, resurfacing the McDermott Park tennis court, replacing the Lakeside Park Lighthouse deck. The Taylor Park tennis court would be rebuilt in 2015 at a cost of $175,000.

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