Friday, October 25, 2013

10-26-13 dodge county car thief suspect apprehended

A Dodge County  car thief suspect who was the subject of a law enforcement manhunt this week has been apprehended.  Dodge County Sheriff Pat Ninmann says 21 year old William Rennhack
was arrested at gunpoint in Marquette County.  Ninmann says the incident unfolded Wednesday afternoon when town of Oconomowoc police spotted the stolen vehicle shortly before they gave chase.  The vehicle was found a short time later in the Dodge County town of Lebanon…and the suspect fled on foot.  Police  searched the area for several hours Wednesday afternoon and evening and warned residents to lock their homes, garages and vehicles because there was a possibility  Rennhack was armed and had active warrants for his arrest.  Police say Rennhack was armed when he was taken into custody at gunpoint.



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