Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10-24-13 fdl council approves budget

The Fond du Lac city council has approved a budget that includes a slight tax increase and  no cuts in programs or services.   The $30.1 million budget is up about $200,000 from  2013.  City manager Joe Moore says the property tax levy is up  three percent to $21.5 million.  Moore says since 2013, tax levy funds available for general fund operations have fallen 10-percent primary because of increasing debt service requirements.   The owner of a $125,000 home would pay about $32 more in taxes for the city portion of their property tax bill.  Moore says there are no cuts in programs or staff.  In fact there some areas of increased expenditures for a citywide property revaluation and five new Police Community Service Officers.  Moore says the budget also includes $200,000 for general street maintenance.   The council also approved the  $1.68 million transit budget.  There is no change in bus service.

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