Sunday, October 27, 2013

10-28-13 fdl transgender ordinance appears to face uphill battle

An effort to protect transgender people when it comes to housing in Fond du Lac appears to face an uphill battle in the weeks before the city council votes on the question.  Openly gay councilmember Dan Manning is proposing that the words gender identity and expression be added to the list of protected classes under the city’s fair housing ordinance.  City council president Sam Meyer seems to be leaning against the change.   Meyer says he thinks the city’s present ordinance protects individuals by prohibiting discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation.  "I personally would rather have us get back on track and focus on bringing jobs and economic prosperity to the city of Fond du Lac,"  Meyer told Am 1170 WFDL's Between the Lines program.  "I think that transgender individuals are protected under federal, state and local laws and ordinances under the sexual orientation portion of our ordinance."   But Manning says gender identity is not necessarily linked to sexual orientation.  "There have been some cases where gender identity complaints have been won under the umbrella of sex discrimination.  But that's really up to the judge or the equal opportunities commission or if its a civil litigation case up to the jury to decide,"  Manning said.   Several councilmembers including Meyer say they want to hear what the public has to say.  But Manning says protecting civil rights is not something that should be decided by a poll.  Councilmembers Block and Miller are in favor of the change.  Councilmembers Merkel and Foster say they haven’t made up their mind, while Meyer and councilmember Lorrigan appear to be leaning against.

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