Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10-30-13 fdl police awards

Dozens of police officers and citizens have been recognized for their heroic efforts this past year at the Fond du Lac Police Department’s annual Awards Banquet.   Dr. Shane Bauer, Mr. Shayne Bauer and Dave Chitek received the citizen of the year award for helping police nab a strong armed
robbery suspect near the Forest Mall.  "It started in the parking lot and the suspect ran east.  The victim began screaming right away and between these individuals they got the 911 calls rolling, keeping an eye on the guy, starting to track him and eventually some of them physically intervened,"  Chief Bill Lamb told AM 1170 WFDL's Between the Lines program.  "Literally took him to the ground and held him to the ground even though he was actively fighting them, one of them was struck...they were able to detain him until we got officers on the scene to make the arrest."  Four officers received  Lifesaving Awards  for their response to three separate incidents.  Lieutenant Ed Wenzel and officer Shawn Provot rescued an elderly man from a fire.  Officer Brian Bednarek was credited for the saving the life of a suicidal subject.  Officer Ben Hardgrove received an award for preventing someone from jumping off  the Johnson Street overpass.  Detective Matt Bobo received the outstanding arrest award for cracking regional car theft ring.  "He (Bobo) ended up making the first arrest but he continued to work that investigation and it ended up going to several other cities throughout the southeast Wisconsin area.  As a result of his investigation, they recovered 30 stolen vehicles,"  Lamb said.   Outstanding Team Effort Awards go to detectives Steve Kaufman, Lee Mikulec, Mike Mueller and Dan Razner for the Jason Anderson homicide arrest and conviction and detectives Scott Krause, Steve Kaufman, Dan Wilson and Bill Ledger for the arrest of Roy Whitelow and Regionald Dorsey in a heroin overdose case.  Several other officers were recognized for their efforts in cracking down on illegal drug trafficking.  "Dating back about 20 months now we're very proud to announce that over the course of that period of time we've taken off (the streets) 200 different drug dealers,"  Lamb said. 

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