Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5-30-13 voucher proposal-fdl teacher react

A Fond du lac teacher who served on subcommittee  to explore how teachers are evaluated and
helped develop the statewide report card for public schools says he feels betrayed.     Fond du lac High School Band instructor Matt McVeigh thanked the school board at their meeting this week for going on record in opposition to the governor’s plan to expand school vouchers .  The governor used the report card to propose that vouchers be expanded to nine communities with at least two failing schools including Fond du lac.  But McVeigh says to use the new  report card as a litmus test  for expansion is  irresponsible.  "In all the time that was discussed by representatives from the governor's office as well as the state department of public instruction it was always about how this was meant to be a flashlight on improvement not a sledgehammer, and that its going to take three or four years for everything to flush out, "  McVeigh said.   McVeigh says private education is great and Fond du lac is blessed to have both systems and both can be successful. 

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