Thursday, May 23, 2013

5-24-13 city wants to pull the plug on hotel alcohol and liquor license

After giving the hotel a second chance earlier this year the city of Fond du lac is asking the Fond du Lac Alcohol Licensing Committee not to renew the Retlaw Hotel’s alcohol and liquor license.  The committee will consider the license renewal at their meeting next week.  According to a civil complaint the hotel still owes the city more than $64,000 for unpaid 2013 utility bills and its 2012 property tax bill.  The complaint says because the hotel has failed to fulfill its obligations the city has reinstated more than $81,000 in fees and interest that were held in abeyance under the agreement.  That leaves a total balance due of $145,454.  Since the beginning of March the hotel has paid the city $85,500.

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