Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5-22-13 windhover center withdraws request for street name change

The Fond du lac Windhover Center  for the Arts is withdrawing a request from council consideration to rename a portion of Sheboygan Street to help market a new arts district.  Windhover director Kevin Miller says the decision to drop the request was made after  the Advisory Parking and Traffic Board voted unanimously last week against  changing  the section  between Marr and Main Streets to Avenue for the Arts.  "We don't want this to be an issue for our neighbors,"  Miller said.  "We were surprised at the negative response by those outside the district.  But we have to be respectful of our neighbors wishes.  There's so much positive energy about the project there's no sense going down a path that could potentially be controversial."  Miller says he’s still open to the possibility of a using honorary name.  Meanwhile a multi million dollar renovation of the Windhover Center is underway.    Local civic leaders hope the project will help transform Fond du lac into a major regional arts destination.

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