Friday, June 28, 2013

7-1-13 lake winnebago weigh-in project published

After analyzing three months worth of feedback from the people of Calumet, Fond du Lac, Outagamie, Waushara and Winnebago Counties, the Weigh-in on the Winnebago Waterways project has published a results report and is once again looking for input. Starting June 28, residents, business owners and municipal staff will be able to review the collective input and comment on the results.
“Over the past three months, as part of the Winnebago Waterways project, we’ve been talking to the people who know the Winnebago Waterways best—boaters, anglers and all who use and love the water—because they are intimately familiar with the threats facing our waterways,” said Erin Gerred, Director of Administration for Fond du Lac County, “Now we want to make sure that we’ve heard everyone’s voice.”   The report will be available for review and download starting on June 28 at Weigh in on the Winnebago Waterways sought public input on the various threats to the waterways, possible solutions and favorite regional destinations. The report synthesizes the feedback collected from participants at eight public meetings, responders to a paper survey and registered users on an online forum. All this feedback will be used to inform future phases of the project. Weigh in on the Winnebago Waterways is an effort that includes staff from the five county region, along with members of the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, East Central Regional Planning Commission and the Winnebago Lakes Council. “What we’d really like to know is: how did we do?” said Fond du Lac County Executive Allen Buechel. “This project has been about finding out how we share and use our local waterways and how those waterways should be managed. We need to know that we’re setting the right goals for the future to keep the waterways healthy.”  Project leaders are asking the public to review the report and answer a short three-question survey to confirm that the report is headed in the right direction, or give guidance on what else team members should consider over the coming months. The report and survey can be found at The public feedback period for this report ends July 12.  Anyone who would prefer a paper copy of the report’s Engagement Summary and the survey should contact his or her county representative at: Erin Gerred, 920-929-3156,

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