Thursday, June 20, 2013

6-21-13 missing man update

An elderly Fond du Lac man remains hospitalized as investigators try to determine what exactly happened to him when he went missing this week.   Sheriff’s captain Rick Olig says 77 year old Sydney Knight was found on a river bank off Prairie Road Wednesday evening…more than 24 hours he was last seen walking from his home about a half mile away.  Olig says there’s a possibility that Knight fell and became disoriented.  "That's what we don't know.  We don't know if he fell, and they're saying he doesn't have a head injury, but we really don't know what happened,"  Olig said.  "He had been out there for about 28 hours, so he spent the night out there and based on past history in talking to neighbors and the people on Prairie Road and Kennedy Lane, they knew of him because they said he always cuts the grass along Prairie Road on his property."  Olig says when Knight was transported to the hospital he was conscious but unresponsive.

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