Thursday, May 1, 2014

5-2-14 student protest

About 40 to 50 students met with the Fond du Lac High School principal and superintendent Thursday morning to discuss  the school district’s censorship policy  regarding the school newspaper.  The students gathered in front of the principal’s office and then went into the performing arts center for  a private meeting with the principal.  The new guideline was implemented following a Cardinal Columns article focusing on sexual assault.   Keenan Robinson writes for the Cardinal Columns and attended part of the meeting. "They (students) don't want censorship in our student newspaper,"  Robinson told WFDL news.  "They want to be open to talk about whatever we want in the school newspaper because we are the voice."  Staff writer Caitlyn Oestreich says the students were upset when the principal refused to allow a photo in the latest edition of the paper that was to accompany an article on censorship.  "...Wiltzius said we were not an actual newspaper because we were funded by the school and he didn't see how we were a student voice," Oestreich told WFDL news.  "I gave him examples like editorials, the advice column, we do profiles of students and teachers."   School board member Mark Jurgella sat in on the meeting and says there was a lot of frank discussion,  but says the administrators were not budging on the new guideline.  Jurgella says the board will review the new policy at a future meeting.

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