Monday, May 26, 2014

5-27-14 city of fdl hopes to get reimbursed for water main breaks and service line freeze-ups

The city of Fond du Lac hopes to get federal reimbursement for some or all of the costs associated with water service line freeze-ups and water main breaks this past winter. Water Utility manager Kathy Scharf  tells WFDL news she has submitted costs to Emergency Management director Jim McNabb as the state seeks a disaster declaration following the record cold winter.  "On the frozen services we did spend about $60,000 to thaw services,'  Scharf said.  "That included employee overtime, equipment, outside contractors and any materials we might have purchased."    Scharf says the total cost including water main breaks was close to $300,000.  So when was the last time the city received disaster declaration funds because of damage caused by bitter cold temperatures?   "I don't know that we ever have for being too cold and I don't know if they have done it for any state or county in the past,"  Scharf said.  Meanwhiler the city is updating its existing ordinance to comply with PSC regulations.   Scharf says the amended ordinance reflects what the city is already doing… asking certain water users to let water run to minimize  the risk of freezing water service lines due to extended cold weather.  Scharf says the water and sewer charges on the customer’s bill will be adjusted.  Water users who believe their service is in danger of freezing may contact the Utility for authorization to let the water run.  No adjustment of billing would be made for water left running to prevent freezing of  pipes other than the water service line.

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