Thursday, July 18, 2013

7-19-13 correctional officers vote in favor of reorganizing under new union

WFDL news has learned that Wisconsin  correctional officers have voted to reorganize under the organization created by the union’s former local officers.  Fifty three percent or 1548 Department of Corrections security and public safety employees voted to reorganize under the Wisconsin Associaton for Correctional Law Enforcement.  1108 employees voted in favor of AFSCME.  The voting by mail started June 28th and concluded Thursday.   WACLE interim president Brian Cunningham said earlier that the safety of the correctional officers was at stake on who would represent them on  collective bargaining and workplace issues.  Local Wisconsin State Employees Union groups had filed a lawsuit against WACLE organizers in Winnebago County Circuit Court after several of them transferred about $100,000 in member dues into separate accounts.  Cunningham says the move was made to protect the money.

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