Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7-17-13 wind farm health impact study

The Fond du lac County Public Health Officer says she believes the state should conduct a study to determine if wind turbines can have an adverse impact on human health.  At their meeting this week the  Fond du Lac County Board of Health will discuss and possibly act on a resolution asking the state to fund and complete a study.  "I absolutely think its necessary,"  Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kimberly Mueller, told WFDL news.  "A type of study at this magnitude would be very expensive and when you look at who it all involves, it isn't just Fond du lac County, there are many other counties in Wisconsin dealing with similar problems."  Several residents who live in the town of Marshfield claim wind turbines have negatively impacted their health.  But why do they seem to impact only certain people and not everybody?  "That is a difficult question to answer, that's like the million dollar question,"  Mueller said.

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