Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7-17-13 report: fdl county sheriff's deputy involved in crash that killed fdl man

A Wisconsin State Patrol accident report says a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputy may have been speeding in excess of 90 miles an hour moments before he was involved in a crash that killed a Fond du lac man last year.  The report released this week says in order for deputy Ryan Flood to drive the two miles in less than 78 seconds his speed would have averaged 92 miles an hour…and between 71 and 74 miles an hour at impact.   Flood was responding to a hit and run call when he collided with a vehicle at the intersection of County Highways B and K.    Twenty year old Matt Koenigs of Fond du Lac died in the crash.   Koenigs was at a stop sign on Highway K and proceeded northbound through
the intersection when the collision occurred.   Flood had the right of way.   The report has been forwarded to the Waukesha County District Attorney’s Office for review.   Fond du lac County Sheriff Mick Fink says he first saw the report  last week.   The accident  raises obvious questions about about  pursuit policy and appropriate speed when responding to an emergency.  "That is exactly the things that have to be ferreted out if there's going to be a criminal prosecution here or a civil litigation, those are the kinds of things that need to be addressed at that time,"  Fink told WFDL news.  "I think now for me, one is because of the civil litigation I'm not going to comment on that."  Fink says his thoughts and prayers are with the family of the accident victim.  "We lost a young man out there that night so my thoughts and prayers are with the family and we have to let the rest run its course,"  Fink said.   Meanwhile Fink says Flood is still on patrol in a limited capacity.  "This is absolutely new territory for us, but I don't see that it would do any good to put him on any kind of leave,"  Fink said.  "He is there and he is with another officer so its somewhat of a limited administrative duty."   Fink says the incident has impacted the family of the victim, the Flood family and the Sheriff’s Office.  "I certainly can speak for the Sheriff's Office and I know in talking with Ryan Flood, he understands the gravity of what happened out there and feels bad about the loss,"   Fink said. 


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