Friday, December 13, 2013

12-16-13 rogler charged with attempted homicide

A Fond du lac man involved in a shootout with police this week  has been charged.  Shannon Rogler is charged with attempted first degree intentional homicide, burglary, arson and failure to comply with an officer’s attempt to take a person into custody.   Rogler briefly appeared in court via video conference without an attorney, and will make his official initial court appearance Tuesday.   Police say Rogler set fire to a vacant house on North Hickory Street and then was involved in a standoff with Fond du Lac police at his apartment in the Elms Mobile Home park on South Main Street.  He surrendered to police after about five hours.  Nobody was injured.  Rogler fired multiple shots at officers on the scene, but according to the criminal complaint Rogler said he was not trying to kill the officers.  According to a criminal complaint Rogler admitted he fired shots into the ground and into the air.  He claimed never at a police officer, but confirmed that a cop had scared him and said at one point he could have killed that officer if he wanted to.  He claimed he didn't do it because the officer was probably a father.  The complaint also references the weapons Rogler had in the apartment.  According to the complaint Rogler admitted to having several high caliber weapons with him including a 50 caliber weapon with 700 black tip ammunition bullets that he could use to "turn police armored vehicles into Swiss cheese," along with two AK 47s, a loaded 308 and other guns in the living room and more than 15,000 rounds of ammunition.  He further claimed there was an improvised explosive device in the basement of the building and indicated the bank had foreclosed on his house, according to the complaint.   Rogler is also charged with arson in connection with the fire that destroyed a house at 65 North Hickory Street. 

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