Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9-26-13 thiesfeldt named to chair special legislative committee

The Legislature has created special committees to study the Common Core academic standards.
Wisconsin adopted the standards for math and English language arts three years ago and there are no other subject areas being developed.  Still, that hasn't stopped opponents from arguing that the standards need to be revisited.   The Republican-controlled Legislature responded to that pressure from tea party conservatives who have called for a "full and immediate investigation" into the standards by creating the study committees announced Wednesday.
Fond du Lac Republican state representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt has been named Chair of a committee.  Thiesfeldt is a former teacher at Winnebago Lutheran Academy.  On Tuesday, Gov. Scott Walker said he supports holding hearings and identifying more rigorous standards than those in the Common Core.  Wisconsin's nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau has described the Common Core standards as being "more rigorous, cohesive and specific" than what the state had in place prior to their adoption.


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