Tuesday, September 17, 2013

9-18-13 uw fdl student housing project resolution tabled

A proposed new student housing complex at the UW Fond du Lac has hit a speed bump.  The Fond du Lac county board voted Tuesday night to table a resolution authorizing the lease of county property to a private developer for student housing until next month’s board meeting.   The resolution would authorize the lease of up to 10 acres of county owned land at the campus for a dollar per acre, per year to a private developer for student housing.   UW Fond du Lac Dean Dr. John Short says  even though the board has questions about the lease he still believes the board supports
the UW Fond du Lac.  "Fond du Lac County Board supervisors support education, they support UW Fond du Lac,"  Dean Short told WFDL news outside the legislative meeting room.  "By answering the questions they (supervisors) have about an RFP (request for proposals) how are we going to maintain the stewardship of the land, and what kinds of guarantees can we give, I think it makes us a stronger campus, it solidifies our relationship with the county board and it makes this project more positive and more doable."  Short says he doesn’t believe the delay jeopardizes the project.  Plans call for completing the project in time for the 2015-16 school year.  Dr. Short says a UW Fond du lac survey shows there’s a need for additional student housing, and says he believes additional student housing would result in an increase In enrollment.

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