Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9-26-13 district attorney will ask for prison time in two fatal traffic crashes

The Fond du Lac County District attorney says his office will be asking for prison time following convictions this week in two separate fatal traffic crash cases.   Twenty five year old Daniel Shea was
convicted in connection with a fatal drunken driving crash that killed an Eden couple and 26 year old Clinton Lovelace was convicted of killing two motorcyclists and injuring several others.  Toney says in both crashes the victims were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.  "On the Lovelace matter the state will be capping its recommendation at 20 years in prison,"  Toney said.  The maximum penalty is more than 32 years behind bars.  "On the Shea matter the state is capping its request at 10 years prison,"  Toney said.  Toney says after talking with the families of the victims he believes they are satisfied with the resolution to the cases that avoided trial.  Lovelace is scheduled to be sentenced February 6th.    Shea is scheduled to be sentenced January 2nd

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