Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2-19-14 senator johnson in fdl

Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson says he still believes significant changes can be made to the Affordable Care Act.  At a town hall meeting in Fond du Lac the Republican Senator says the act did not protect patients, it made health care more unaffordable.  "Millions of Americans have lost the health care plans that they liked, contrary to president Obama's repeated promises,"  Johnson told WFDL news.  Johnson defended his recent votes against a spending bill and extending the nation’s debt limit.  "I voted against the omnibus spending bill because the budget allowed Congress the opportunity to start prioritizing spending, which I don't believe they did,"  Johnson said.  "Then of course the last debt ceiling vote...we attached nothing in terms of additional fiscal discipline, reforms to some of these long-term drivers of the deficit in exchange for an increase in the debt burden for our kids and grandkids.  We didn't even have a discussion."
Johnson says he’s holding town hall meetings across the state to inform  residents of the serious financial predicament this country faces.

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