Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2-27-14 common core-reaction

The Fond du Lac school superintendent says he was caught off guard by a bill introduced last week that would give the ultimate authority over writing academic standards for Wisconsin’s public schools to the state legislature.  "Very surprised, I had not seen that coming,"  Superintendent Dr. Jim Sebert told AM 1170 WFDL's Between the Lines program.  "I know we had the community input and the listening sessions across the state.  But I truly did not see that coming."   Sebert says he was pleased to hear the Assembly Education Committee decided to postpone action on the bill two days after it was introduced.  Sebert says he agrees with state superintendent Tony Evers who says politicians should not be put in control of approving standards.  Fond du Lac Republican state representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt says he supports the bill.  "I believe that the bill we are trying to craft is good public policy,"  Thiesfeldt told WFDL news.  Thiesfeldt says the bill is supported by the majority of superintendents across the state.  "They (superintendents) believe we should have a time-table process for reviewing academic standards in the state of Wisconsin."   Thiesfeldt adds the legislature should be able to make changes if they have oversight.

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