Friday, June 6, 2014

6-7-14 heroin overdose victim left for dead in waupun cemetery

Waupun police are investigating an incident where a heroin overdose victim was apparently left for dead in a Waupun cemetery.  Police chief Dale Heeringa says on June 4th. the Waupun Police Dept. Dispatch Center
received a 911 call reporting a man on the ground, unresponsive located in the back end or far west end of Forest Mound cemetery.   Three subjects that were in the area of the Meadow View Park Board Walk attempted to revive the person   A Waupun officer arrived on scene and used his squad AED.   The 25 year old Waupun man was transported to Waupun Memorial Hospital where he is recovering.  Heeringa says through investigation it was found that the victim had over dosed on several doses of  heroin throughout the day.  Heeringa says the victim is uncooperative with police  and would not reveal who dropped him off at the cemetery location.

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