Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6-25-14 lakeside park study committee applicants-list

The City Council on June 11, 2014 voted to form a Lakeside Park Exploratory Committee consisting of 15 City of Fond du Lac residents. The City of Fond du Lac has received 41 applications to serve on this committee. At the end of business today the following have submitted their applications:
Billy Belongia                    Johnathan Braker
Patrick Caulfield               Dennis Comeaux
Sara Cujak                         Ruth Dauterman
John Dobyns                    Deborah Doll
Kris Fehrenbach               Velesca Fleschman
Stephanie Fox                  Louise Gudex
Amy Hansen                     MJ Hart
Brian Kolstad                    Ray Lapierre
Anthony Leon                   Paul Levandowski
Lori Anderson Lurvey       Jennifer Matteson
Joan Cunningham               Shawn McCrary
Craig Molitor                      Jennifer Neibauer
Nick Nell                            Heather Pedersen
David Pergande                  Jane Ricchio
John Short                            Sarah Spang
Anthony Steffen                     Douglas Teletzke
Anna Thomas                         Samuel Tobias
Luke Wacek                          Debra Wamser
James Wamser                        Mary Wilcox
John Zettler                             John Zorn
Amy Samens              

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