Thursday, June 26, 2014

6-27-14 local group not giving up the fight to save the historic retlaw theatre

The Fond du lac Redevelopment director says a project that involves tearing down the downtown Retlaw Theatre is still moving forward despite a local group’s effort to save the historic building.  The Friends of the Retlaw group held a meeting this week at the public library in an effort to rally support .  But Fond du Lac Redevelopment director Diane Benson says a development firm is moving forward with plans to convert the building into office and apartments and demolish the historic theatre for parking.  "I think from the city perspective Commonwealth has the accepted offer, the Historic Preservation Commission reviewed the request for the demolition as well as the exterior alterations and authorized the demolition to proceed, " Benson told WFDL news.  "So from our perspective the project is moving forward."   Benson adds that she believes estimates of about $9 million to renovate the building are accurate despite claims from the Friend’s group that it could be done for much less than that.

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