Monday, June 30, 2014

6-30-14 corrections pay

Wisconsin corrections officers say they shouldn't have to wait any longer to get the one percent raise given to all other state workers a year ago, but a spokeswoman for the Walker administration says the raise won't be provided for now because the workers' union status is currently under dispute.  A spokeswoman for the state Department of Administration and its Office of Employment Relations, said that workers could receive back pay once the issue of the union status is resolved.   Stephanie Marquis says if the workers are found not to belong to a union they would get a lump sum payment back to June 29th because they would be covered under the compensation plan.  Brian Cunningham is the president of the Wisconsin Association for Correctional Law Enforcement union.  Cunningham told AM 1170 WFDL's Between the Lines program says he believes its "retribution for us having the gall to certify as a union."  Last year, a union for corrections officers broke off from the larger state employees to form the separate Wisconsin Association for Correctional Law Enforcement. The Association won state recognition in July 2014, only to lose their certification election less than four months ago.  Voters supported the new union 813-43, but lost the vote because Act 10 requires that the union receive a majority of votes from the 5,400 workers eligible to be in the union. Most of those workers didn't vote.

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