Friday, June 20, 2014

6-20 Planned Parenthood To Close In Fond du Lac

Planned Parenthood says it will shut down its clinic in Fond du Lac on September 25th.  C-E-O Teri Huyck blamed the closure on the governor and Legislature.  Majority Repubilcans voted last year to eliminate a million dollars in reproductive health care funding in the current state budget.  The G-O-P has been working to put curbs-and-controls on abortion facilities in the last session.  But Huyck says the Fond du Lac clinic does not provide abortions -- and neither did the other four Planned Parenthood facilities that have closed in the last two years due to a lack of state funds.  Huyck called the Fond du Lac closure a loss for families who rely on the agency for cancer screenings, health exams, birth control, and treatments for sexually-transmitted diseases.  She says the Fond du Lac facility served about 11-hundred patients each year -- and they'll be referred to the group's closest clinics in Oshkosh and West Bend

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