Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5-1-13 domestic violence homicide-reaction

Victim advocates are reacting with shock and sadness over the death of a Peshtigo domestic violence shelter director in an apparent domestic violence homicide incident.  Police say Trish Waschbisch was killed by her boyfriend after she attempted to end their relationship.  Fond du lac Solutions Center Director Lindee Kimball was friends with the victim.  "The idea that you do this for a living and she was so helpful for so many other people, that it can actually happen to anyone,"  Kimball told AM 1170 WFDL's Between the Lines program.  Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence program coordinator Tony Gibart says he couldn’t believe it.  "She always struck me as a dedicated, passionate, intelligent advocate,"  Gibart said.  Kimball says its ironic that someone who helped domestic violence victims becomes a victim herself.  Kimball says domestic violence advocates in northeast Wisconsin are stepping  up offering their support to the Rainbow House Domestic Violence Shelter in Marinette.  "Whatever they need us to do, if they need someone to run up and help with the shelter, staff, the clients, we are all willing to go help."  Kimball says she last saw Wacshbisch a couple months ago in Oshkosh for a Domestic Violence Coalition committee meeting.  "When I think about Trisha, when I left that day she gave me a hug. and that's what I'll remember."

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