Monday, April 29, 2013

4-30-13 grass fire concerns

The Fond  du Lac County Sheriff’s Office says a weekend fire in St. Cloud that destroyed a shed is a reminder of how quickly a grass fire can spread out of control.  Fire in a burn barrell ignited the grass which quickly spread to a storage shed and destroyed the building and its contents.  Fond du lac County Sheriff’s Captain  Rck Olig says there were several grass fires reported over the  weekend.  Olig says its important to keep tabs on even a small controlled burn this time of year.  "The biggest thing is to make sure that they monitor it when they are out there burning,"  Olig said.  "If there is fire in a burn barrell and its a little windy and dry, if somebody was watching it and the grass started on fire they may have been able to prevent this building from going up."

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