Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4-16-14 unintended 911 calls

Authorities are continuing to investigate several untintended 911 calls reported at  911 Call Centers across the state including Fond du Lac.   Fond du Lac County emergency management director Jim McNabb says at least three local residents have received recorded messages stating there is a problem with a debit or credit card.  "...have been receiving text messages or recorded messages on their phones from an unknown source and it states there is a problem with their debit or credit card and that they should press 2 or 211,"  McNabb told WFDL news.  "One would think that would help them get further information, however, the calls are routed to 911 call centers."  McNabb says emergency services have not been affected.  Fond du Lac County 911 Center is advising residents to ignore these calls unless they have a true emergency.  He says authorities continue to actively investigate the ongoing incident.

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