Monday, April 28, 2014

4-29-14 fdl school administrators meeting with teachers over new compensation plan

Fond du lac school district officials are meeting with teachers to talk about a new compensation plan that some teachers say is unfair to longterm employees.  Superintendent Dr. Jim Sebert  says the school district human resources and business manager are meeting with teachers at each school to discuss the plan and inform the teachers where they are slotted under the plan.  Fond du Lac High School band director, Matt McVeigh, says while overall he thinks it’s a great plan his concern is where some veteran teachers are being slotted and specifically in his wife’s situation. "We love what we do but we don't want to be taken advantage of. either,"  McVeigh told WFDL news.  "In my wife's case she has been kept very low for very long we were surprised she won't be eligible for any movement until essentially she's done with her 14th year of teaching."   McVeigh says he wants the school board to understand their concerns when they review the plan in six months.  Sebert says the district is listening to the teacher’s concerns.  Critics say some teaching veterans are locked into their present salary because they are just above the top of the scale that is part of the new plan.

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