Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4-23-14 waupun high speed chase

A Rosendale man has been charged in connection with a high speed chase in Waupun over the weekend.  Waupun police chief Dale Heeringa  says the chase happened early Saturday morning and reached speeds
of 112 100 miles an hour.  Chief Heeringa says the chase continued for a couple of miles before ending in a farm yard north of Waupun.  "It started on the west end of town near our Kwik Trip station at Highways 49 and 68.  An officer observed a pick-up truck go out of that area at a high rate of speed, squealing its tires,"  Heeringa told WFDL news.  "The officer attempted to stop the vehicle.  The vehicle continued northbound on Highway 49 out of the community."  Heeringa says the chase lasted 2.6 miles when the vehicle went into a farm yard area north of Waupun.  The suspect fled on foot and was able to get away.  The man turned himself in later in the day.

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