Monday, March 31, 2014

4-1-14 fdl fire department citizen life-safety award

Each year the Fond du Lac Fire Department awards a Citizen Life Safety Award.  The Citizen Life Safety Award may be given to a person outside the Fire Department who has been involved in a lifesaving effort at an emergency scene before the arrival of the Fire Department, or who has provided extraordinary assistance to the Fire Department.  The 2013 Fond du Lac Fire Department Citizen Life Safety Award recipient is Marcus Norfleet.   In the early morning hours of December 20th, 2013, Marcus Norfleet was alerted after hearing some commotion and smoke detectors sounding in his two story, eight unit apartment complex building.  Marcus grabbed a fire extinguisher that was located in the first floor hallway and was able to extinguish the main body of fire around a coffee table located in a tenant’s living room before the fire extended to surrounding furnishings.  His bravery and courage to assist in evacuation and containment of the fire saved both life and property damage.  For his actions Marcus Norfleet is awarded the City of Fond du Lac Fire Departments Citizen Life Safety Award.

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