Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3-27-14 fdl school board plans to review new high school newspaper policy

A Fond du Lac school board member says the board will review a new policy implemented by the superintendent following a controversial article published in the high school newspaper.  After the article was published the superintendent mandated new guidelines that requires the principal to review all stories before they are published and gives the superintendent final say.  The article focused on the "rape culture" at the high school. The school’s English department and others say that amounts to censorship and are calling for the school board to reverse the new policy.   Fond du Lac school board member Mark Strand is running for re-election next week.  He says the board plans to discuss the policy at some point in the future…probably after the school year.  "We're not going to do it at the next meeting, there's only a couple months of school left, there's maybe another paper left,"  Strand said.  "We're going to spend some time all summer long coming up with something that definately works.  It may not be what the administration wants or what the students want, but we're going to look at it to be fair and to have some oversight."   Strand would not say specifically if he agrees or disagrees with the policy…but says "the board will look at it."   Strand is running for a third term on the board.  

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