Sunday, March 30, 2014

3-31-14 run water advisory

Despite the recent  warm up the Fond du Lac Water Utility Department is extending its run-water advisory for some Fond du Lac residents.  Water Utility manager Kathy Scharf says the frost got so deep this
winter that there is still a threat for water service line freeze-ups.  "Those folks we have asked to run water 24 hours a day, I just sent a letter out to those folks, there's about 670 of them in the community and we're extended that water run advisory to May first."   Meanwhile Scharf is also advising residents to be cautious about responding to a recent mailing advertisement soliciting insurance coverage for water service lines. Scharf says property owners may already be covered under their homeowner’s insurance and should read the fine print to determine if the long-term costs warrant such coverage.  Scharf says there are nearly 16,000 water service connections in Fond du Lac and only about five to ten per year that require private repair work.

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