Monday, June 9, 2014

6-10-14 lakeside park-commercial development

The Fond du Lac city council is exploring the process of  the possibility of allowing commercial development at Lakeside Park.  City manager Joe Moore says there are no specific proposals and the purpose of placing the item on this week’s council agenda is to determine if there is any interest in pursuing the concept.  "There have been questions from the council and from others about the exploration of this subject,"  Moore told WFDL news.  "What we're attempting to do with really no specific outcome in mind is open that discussion."
Moore says he proposes the council discuss if and how they want to proceed with this initiative and develop a list of parameters.  Proposals for commercial development have come up on a couple of occasions
over the past 30 years…including a specific proposal in 1982 for hotel at the park.  That idea was shot down in a referendum.  Moore says perhaps the biggest negative would be the loss of valuable public
park space.  He says the biggest positive may be economic development and tourism dollars.

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