Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2-6-14 walker-tax cut plan

Gov. Scott Walker says he is open to making "tweaks" to his half-billion dollar tax cut plan,
as Senate Republicans continue closed door discussions about changes they want to see to
the plan.  Walker said Wednesday he expects the proposal will pass the Legislature largely as
introduced, but he's talking with Senate Republicans about possible changes related to how
much money is set aside in the state's rainy day fund.  On AM 1170 WFDL's Between the Lines program Fond du Lac Republican state representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt reiterated his support for
the governor’s plan.  "I think if you look at the whole picture, if these cuts were to go through as anticipated since 2011 when Republicans came into office we will ahve enacted roughly two billion dollars in tax cuts,"  Thiesfeldt said.  Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says his caucus discussed the plan at length on Tuesday night and there are still concerns about increasing the size of the state's structural deficit by $100 million.  Thiesfeldt says he’s not concerned about that.  "When people look at the structural deficit that comes from our Fiscal Bureau, they do projections based on zero percent growth.  If you look at the average or minimal growth over the next couple years....we're going to have more than adequate money coming in to the state coffers in order to cover these cuts."   The Assembly held a public hearing on the plan Wednesday. Fitzgerald says he doesn't feel pressure for the Senate to act.

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