Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2-5-14 dodge county sheriff's grant

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has received notice that Dodge County has been awarded the Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) grant.  Sheriff Ninmann states the grant was a highly competitive Wisconsin Department of Justice grant with 36 counties competing for the Drug Court and TAD program monies with only 13 counties receiving award notifications.  Of the 13 that were selected for funding, 9 are considered primarily Drug Court in nature while 4 are primarily Pre-Trial Diversion in their structure.
Sheriff Ninmann credits Program Specialist Jay Westhuis for the time that he spent in researching and developing the grant for Dodge County.  Dodge County will receive $140,800.00 to implement the Treatment Alternatives and Diversion program.  The TAD program is a pretrial program that allows viable alternatives for non-violent offenders. Through significant collaboration with the Dodge County court system, prosecutors, law enforcement and Human Services, the TAD program will offer the opportunity for a comprehensive and efficient approach to manage defendants with appropriate interventions based on individual assessment of needs.  The TAD program is designed to deliver on two primary goals; reducing recidivism rates for non-violent offenders to increase public safety, and reduce jail/prison populations by diverting to and providing community-based interventions to change behaviors.  Among the services provided is treatment for addictions and/or mental illness.  Sheriff Ninmann states the program is anticipated to begin July 1st, 2014 and is another tool for the Sheriff’s Office to provide additional services to the Citizens of Dodge County in our continued quest to reduce crime while providing additional treatment options.

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