Friday, February 14, 2014

2-17-14 hands-free cellphone bill

Saying it will decrease the number of distracted-driving injuries and fatalities on Wisconsin roads, two Democrats – Representative Peter Barca of Kenosha and Senator John Lehman of Racine – have introduced legislation requiring a hands-free device when using a cell phone while driving. Barca says there is absolutely no doubt in his mind  it will save lives. A Harvard study reported cell phone use contributes to six percent of all the crashes in the U.S. and 26-hundred deaths annually.  Barca points out that 40 other states now also ban texting while driving. In January, Illinois became the 12th state to prohibit hand-held cell phone use while driving.  A 2009 study from the Wisconsin State Patrol said inattentive driving was a factor in 18 percent of crashes and 14 percent of fatal crashes.

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